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It's always nice to make a little money, but it is not always so easy. Today, there are more opportunities for us that existed for generations before us. Our parents couldn't believe that we could use the Internet to do work harder and win real money-but that's exactly what they're doing today many people in Indonesia and what real translator jobs sign up is very impressive!Today, you might see a story about Harris, most of their free time at school, translates documents online and you can win a lot of money was even more money that he even imagine! He's only 17 began to translate documents for u.s. companies on the Internet eh. At first it was small and it was mostly the orientation of studies, but over time, more and more jobs and then all of the web sites offering hundreds of jobs (registration). The translation is a great thing! Many companies in the United States and other countries to do the translation, including Indonesian, on their websites, movie subtitles, email and much more. Harris and other places between USD $ 10 to $ 80 through the translation-and are only limited by the amount of free time they have in a day, sometimes up to USD $ 425 per day to win. Is originally from Malaysia, Harris keeps his ability to earn the overall monthly income amounting to MYR 42 000 (or about RP 150000000) of translation is a RP 150000000 envelope a month and not just in their spare time. Had the opportunity of Harris some questions on how to do it. How do you? do a lot of work between $ 200 and $ 400 USD per DayHow? for translation, work normally 2-3 hours a day, 6 days a WeekCan someone?Yes, it is-anyone can log on and make money, the translation of documents. There is a strong demand. You pay for each of the tasks that you must do the site $ 60What is used to find a job that is? use real jobs translators (registry) for all the ListingsDo that has the competence in English?No, my English is not perfect, but OK. Costs money?Only one member of the program and in the workplace. About $ 30, but in his first work to earn money, it is a good idea, the best part, anyone with Internet access can also do it. Now Indonesian translators are needed! If translated to make money could be documented here register online ,.